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Quest chocolate protein powder review

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Review: Quest Protein Powder

When I saw I was able to pre-order the new Quest Protein Powder, I couldn’t help but to dig for my credit card and buy some. I have had many issues with any kind of dairy protein powder. I don’t have too many issues with Quest bars so I thought I would give their new product a try.
My expectations were open and I was waiting for my gut to painfully make me regret this purchase. To my surprise I had absolutely no issues with the Quest Protein Powder.

What I bought:
• Chocolate Milkshake
• Multi-Purpose Mix

Price: Average Price
$39.99 for 2lbs; I think this is very reasonable and comparable to other powders out there. I bought straight from their website.

Taste: Delicious and Smooth
The chocolate milkshake is very delicious, it doesn’t have a fake chocolate taste; I really like it. It has a nice touch of sweetness but if you want more add a tiny amount to your liking. It is great on its own too. The multi-purpose mix has no flavor, so subtle. Neither one has a bad after taste either.

Mix-ability: Very Good

I love my shakes thick, so I add a xanthan gum to my shakes. No need to do that with this powder. If you want it thinner, just add more liquid. I made my shake with almond milk, splash of water and 6 ice cubes; I enjoyed it with a spoon. I also used a Blender bottle with the coiled spring mixer, added 2/3 cup of water with 28g of powder. It mixed up with no clumps; again it was thick, which is a bonus for me.

Baking: Easy, Great and VERSATILE
I made some pancakes using the multi-purpose mix and did not have that after taste some powders have that make it obvious that you used protein powder to cook with. My first night I also used the chocolate milkshake flavor with some water and made a microwave brownie with it; again it was very good. I need to tweak some of the measurements and timing but I will enjoy trying again.

**I would highly recommend this powder if you are looking to switch it up. The most difficult part for me was deciding WHICH one to buy. They all sounded delicious and a plethora of recipes went through my head for each flavor. I will say that I am definitely going to reorder and purchase different flavors.**

**I really can’t personally say how comparable it is to other powders. I have had trial and error with many and simply cannot handle them digestively. From the little bit of Trutein I have had I think this ranks pretty high up there.**

Click this link to view the recipes that they have using their new versatile protein powders


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