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Optimum nutrition pro complex gainer side effects

Pro Complex Gainer Review - Does This Protein Supplement Work?

Give me two minutes and I’ll tell you whether Pro Complex Gainer actually works? We picked apart ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and customer service quality. Furthermore, we dissected hundreds of customer comments and reviews. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Pro Complex Gainer is a protein supplement containing whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumen, hydrolyzed whey peptides, glutamine peptides, medium chain triglycerides, high oleic-sunflower oil, partially hydrogenated guar gum, phosphate, calcium carbonate, tri-calcium phosphate, maltodextrin, ascorbic acid, ferric orthophosphate, molybdenum aa chelate, d-alpha tocopherol acetate, boron aa chelate, niacinamide, zinc oxide, manganese sulfate, d-calcium pantothenate, selenomethionine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin a palmitate, cupric oxide, chromium polynicotinate, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, beta carotene, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide and cyanocobalamin. The label states to mix one scoop and consume once per day, which supposedly increases muscle strength. One benefit is you can put it in a shaker and take it anywhere.

The supplement was introduced as a muscle-builder from Optimum Nutrition in 1996 and appears to include some natural ingredients, a good decision. Customers can shop for the product on the official website and multiple retailers. The longevity of the company is a positive as well as some favorable customer comments we found, but read on…

Price – “Holy Smokes!”

The first concern was the high price tag of Pro Complex Gainer. “There are so many products like this on the market that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money for it,” said our Research Editor.

“Did not get any result out of this supplement. It was a waste of money for me. I bought it for $120,” said a customer.

“From 70 dollars to 109? Come on,” said another.

High price is something that users have to consider before buying a product. For one customer, the cost was well worth it. He said, “The effectiveness does bring up that value.”

Another felt it was just right, “This is it. Look no further. Money well spent.”

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Side Effects – “Yikes!”

Pro Complex Gainer side effects were a major concern from customers commenting on the web. “Have used this company’s Whey protein for years without issue. After a week of using this once a day, I started have stomach pains,” reported a customer.

“This product is not good…I could not finish the 10 pound bag at all and I ended up throwing it out,” commented a consumer.

“Gave me an itchy throat and a tight stomach for an hour after use. Didn’t finish the jug,” stated another.

We were surprised by the number of people who’d experienced side effects from a weight gainer. We expected to find the opposite. One user said, “No stomach or gas issues at all.”

We also found a customer that claimed, “It doesn’t upset my stomach at all.”

Our thorough research into supplements has concluded that all it takes is something concerning about a product, like adverse side effects, to impede long-term success. If Pro Complex Gainer causes negative reactions, is it time to switch?

The Science – “Solid?”

If you want an ingredient profile and a few customer testimonials, visit the official Pro Complex Gainer website. If you want published clinical research supporting the claims, you’ll need to visit somewhere else. The company doesn’t provide science-based facts to back up the information. We’ve located some research linking increased muscle strength to protein, but nothing relating to this formula. At DietSpotlight, studies are imperative. If there’s no solid-science, we have concerns.

The Bottom Line – Does Pro Complex Gainer Work?

Are you ready to fill up your shaker with this one? Well, we like that we located some favorable customer comments and the longevity of the company, but we have reservations about it because of no published clinical research backing the muscle-building claims. We’re also skeptical due to the negative side effects and the high price tag.

Are you ready to build muscle and strength? If so, we suggest going with an affordable supplement containing ingredients backed by science.

Among the best products we’ve come across this year is one called Pronabolin. The supplement consists of a formula containing a nine-ingredient proprietary blend, which has been shown in published clinical research to help increase energy levels and boost muscle strength. There’s no mention of negative side effects and users are talking about seeing exceptional results.

The makers of Pronabolin are so confident in their supplement, they offering customers a multiple-bottle discount and a 120-day money-back guarantee.

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio .