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Pro Complex Gainer Review

Pro Complex gainer Review | #6 Ranked Mass Gainer

Pro Complex Gainer is another outstanding product by Optimum Nutrition. This is a huge step up from their previously popular Serious Mass. The ideal formula for a mass gainer has evolved a lot over the past couple years, and Serious Mass is no longer as popular of a product.

Company Profile

Optimum Nutrition is an awesome company whose products are generally ranked very high on this site, and with good reason. If you’ve spent any time reading our reviews, you know that they are based off of factual information (the nutrition labels), and ON is constantly releasing products with amazing nutrition labels.

Pro Complex Gainer Ingredients

The most important section of any review is what’s in the bottle. And if you have gotten this far, you know that it is very important to know the carb to protein ratio before buying a mass gainer (ideally 1.5 to 1). The carb to protein ratio in this gainer is 1.4 to 1 with 85 grams of carbs and 60 grams of protein in every serving.

Keep in mind the fact that the body can only digest a maximum of 50 grams of protein at one time, so this amount of protein is a little excessive (it can’t hurt you, its just pointless). In addition, there are 650 calories in every serving, which is 100 more calories than the #1 ranked R1 Gain . Having 650 calories is still not that bad, again, just a little excessive. There are 8 grams of fat in every serving, which is pretty low…but not when compared to R1 Gain or Dymatize Elite Mass .

If you are drinking at least one protein shake every day, 8 grams of fat per shake can pile up over time. Cholesterol is VERY low at only 60 mg per serving…very impressive. There are also only 5 grams of sugar in every serving, which is one of the lowest you will find anywhere.

The main problem with this supplement is the type of protein they chose to use. Rather than using all whey protein isolate, they chose to use whey protein isolate and concentrate, along with calcium caseinate and egg albumen. These protein choices are not as pure as they should be. Ideally, you want to consume 100% whey protein isolate and hydrolysate.


How effective is this product? Our opinion is that Pro Complex Gainer could potentially allow you to see some real results, and probably pretty quickly. Like mentioned above, they have a slightly excessive amount of a few ingredients, but this will not likely effect your weight gain. Every sign on the nutrition label points to successful mass gaining. However, you may also gain some fat considering the 650 calories and 8 grams of fat per serving that may pile up over time.

The taste is nothing short of fantastic and is not surprising. All of ON’s products taste great and are generally very healthy, and with 360 mg of sodium per serving, this product is no exception. The sodium amount may be a little excessive, but still not too bad.

Chocolate seems to be the best flavor for most products in this industry and Pro Complex Gainer is no exception.

Optimum Nutrition has a track record of superb products and this is no exception

Carb to protein ratio is nearly perfect

Very low cholesterol

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