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Optimum nutrition 100 whey gold standard protein v

Customer Reviews

By Jon on July 13, 2009

Ok. I grew up with my dad being a weight lifting coach, so he always was in the know of what was good/ wasnt..

this whey protein is authentic whey.
ill review the product first, and then the performance factors 2nd.

Taste: when mixed with skim milk, it offers a smooth low-creamy effect. i use a gnc shaker bottle with it. it tastes better than any yoohoo or nesquick out there. id even buy this at 7-11 for the taste if it wasnt good for me.
Texture: mixes smooth. use a shaker cup, 30 seconds of casual mixing and its good to go.
Chocolateness: the double chocolate actually has a pretty decent chocolate back taste.

Performance:i started up on this stuff and noticed with in a few days a big increase in performance. along the way, i did want to see if i was just wasting my money, and stopped this for about 2 weeks but kept up high protein meals. i was lacking in performance, recovery, and strength. went back on and it came back within a few days.

Nutrition: i was always big into protein, however i strongly feel the performance of this stuff is much much better than just doing eggs/meat milk etc. for my protein. theres hardly any (if not 0 grams) of fat/calories. so its much healthier and better on your cholesterol.

Endurance/recovery: my "peak" comes faster into my workout and lasts for alot ALOT longer. the next day im not nearly as sore. i know this as during my "testing" phase i was doing the same stretches/lifting and was alot more sore the next day.

GIVE THIS A TRY. dont forget, your body needs to have not just protein but also amino acids. they help rebuild your muslces faster so you can get a better workout next.
I drink it in the morning (when your protein is the lowest after the night), RIGHT after an exercise (the key is to drink within the first 30 minutes of your workout. that is your peak absorption for your body to suck up all the goodness of this stuff..)
and right before bed so your body has a storage of protein to draw from during the night.

small snacks/meals during the day with protein has been proven to spike your metabolism (as even having a higher protein intake overall. )

[. ]
go here, half way down and use the calculator to figure out your protein intake. try to get up to near that number during the day.

hope this has helped.

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Fantastic Product Overall

By I. W. Miller on October 3, 2009

For the price, convenience, and flavor, this is the best whey product I have owned.

The price of this product, ordered through Amazon(33.36 per month under my present subscription via subscribe and save), is the best I have found so far at 45 cents per scoop.

In the arena of convenience, shipping the product directly to me assists me in not having to waste precious time going to some retail store - I simply go onto and click a few buttons if I run out before my next subscription ships another batch to me.

As far as the flavor, this product does not taste like sugar-loaded candy. It is not meant to. For the low quantity of sweeteners and additives it actually has, it tastes fantastic. The flavor is somewhat like a hot chocolate mix, which is satisfying even when mixed and ingested with water alone.

I recommend this product to anyone.

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Affordable whey for the masses, but there is better out there

I have been sampling various whey products for about 6 months now when I started my bodybuilding and transformation efforts. This is not the highest quality product out there. It is not the pure whey isolate but contains a variety of lower quality protein in addition. I tried the sample pack and after going through almost all of them I have only found 1-2 that are palatable. Most of them have a very chemical smell and flavor to them which I found a little nauseating - especially the strawberry varieties and cookies and cream. I did like the chocolates - especially the chocolate mint. If you are looking for higher quality whey get AST VP2 or the Prolab product which are high percentage pure hydrolyzed whey isolates. A bit pricier but there is a reason for that - costs more to make it that way. I don't think that I will be sticking with Optimum whey.

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Cheapest quality protein hands down

This stuff was recommended as a favorite on several popular strength & weight training blogs, and I've been getting it ever since. It tastes great which is surprising giving the extremely low carb/sugar content. I drink it straight with water most of the time, but also mix it in kashi or oatmeal for breakfast which tastes awesome. You can't beat the price with a subscription either.

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By N. Hyde on June 4, 2009

I consider this powder to be second only in quality to TrueProtein's stuff, which is considerably more expensive. This ON powder is the sweet spot of quality and price when you use Amazon's subscribe and save option. The cheaper alternatives are noticeably lower in quality, while there isn't an important difference between this and something that costs $20 more. It's the best choice for the customer on a budget.

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Tasted good but contains Sucralose (artificial sweetner)

By Ruben Miranda on November 25, 2009

Why use a controversial sweetener like Sucralose which has been linked
to many side effects including cancer when there are alternative sweeteners like Erythritol
which is natural and has much less serious side effects?
I received a 5 pound tub of the banana cream whey protein product from ON today.
I immediately poured a scoop into 8 ounces of water and mixed it for 20 seconds.
There were a few small clumps of powder but not too bad.
The flavor was okay but I noticed the aftertaste of an artificial sweetener which I hate.
I had checked their website and read that NATURAL "100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD" has no sweetners.
I accidentally ordered 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD which has Sucralose.
The names are very similar and it is easy to make a mistake.
With the large number of people that do not like artificial sweeteners ON should make it a little
easier to tell the difference.
I'll try a few more servings of the product but I may have to order the Natural.
Good Luck.

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Great amount of protein and low fat. Bad taste, high price.

By gotskillz on June 16, 2009

My cookies and creame taste like coffee. WTF. GNC pro performance and muscle milk cookies and creame taste way better than this. However, I did not buy this for the taste unlike other reviewers, 24 grams of protein is perfect for my 150 lbs body and with 1 gram of fat, it beats GNC pro performance but not the taste part. Costing $10 more than GNC pro performance.

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I generally like to mix my protein drinks really thick, with very little milk, the only downside is with all the other products there is a lot of clumping and bits stuck to the side of the glass. Not so with this product, it mixes completely with not one clump! The taste is not overbearingly sweet either.

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The best out there period

By The duchess on October 20, 2009

I dont usually leave reviews but I have to for this shake. The taste is wonderful, feels like you are drinking a shake, the results, excellent also. I feel it could be a little cheaper, but never the less, am a customer for life.

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First day. taste nice.

By angel a. on May 19, 2009

this is my first date using this product and it really taste great.

wait for the update. i cant wait for see the resoults.