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Over the decades, gay cinema has reflected the community's journey from persecution to emancipation to acceptance. Politicized dramas like Victim in the 60s, The Naked Civil Servant in the 70s, and the AIDS cinema of the 80s have given way in recent years to films which celebrate a vast array of gay lifestyles. Gay films have undergone a major shift, from the fringe to the mainstream and 2005's Academy Awards were dubbed '"the Gay Oscars" with awards going to Brokeback Mountain , Capote and Transamerica . The book discusses gay cinema since then, and includes information on gay filmmakers and actors and their influence within the industry. Interspersed throughout the book are some of the most iconic scenes from gay cinema and the most memorable dialogue from key films.

Out at the Movies : New Edition by Stephen Paul Davies read online book DJV, EPUB, TXT

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