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Children and Emotional Abuseis a research-informed learning resource for students in social work about the dynamics and consequences of psychological abuse--especially as it occurs in dysfunctional families and affects children and adolescents. Emotional abuse is still not widely understood or recognized. Helping professionals need to recognize emotional abuse, understand the damage it does, the theories that account for it, and be prepared to help children and families where the abuse often occurs along with physical and sexual abuse. This text will draw upon current peer-reviewed literature and evidence-based studies and summarize essential information to prepare students for careers in helping professions. Each chapter will also contain brief vignettes to illustrate some of the key points. This book is for courses in child welfare and child abuse/neglect, as well as other social work courses that focus on children.

Ebook Emotional Abuse of Children by David D. Royse in TXT, EPUB

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