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Crackle glass is an elaborate and intriguing type of glass that is known for its sun-catching vibrant colors. Invented by the Venetians in the sixteenth century, it has enjoyed ages of admiration and is highly collectible today. Generally, it is made by plunging hot glass into cold water to make fine cracks, then reheating and reblowing the glass to seal the cracks. Crackle glass was the focus of a book by Stan & Arlene Weitman just two years ago, and at that time no book had been written on this subject. Collectors everywhere welcomed that book to the point that the authors have written an all-new Book II. This book is a companion volume to the first book, establishing a two-volume set. Book II has no repeats of Book I and contains over 550 different full-color photographs. Since Book I came out, crackle glass has exploded onto the antique and collectible market and much new information has been found. Crackle glass is still being made today and the authors have added a whole section on how to distinguish the new glass from that made years ago. This all-new book includes in-depth information on crackle including manufacturers and how to identify their works; histories; production; old catalogs and brochures; and an important bibliography. 1998 values. 8.5 X 11.

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