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Applied nutrition hair and nails review

Applied Nutrition Longer, Stronger Hair and Nails, 60-Count

Even the finest shampoo and conditioner won't fix hair that's starving for nutrients; and expensive nail polish will only hide dull, brittle nails. That's because long, radiant hair and strong, healthy nails start from within. Longer Stronger Hair & Nails is an exclusive nutrient-rich blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that can help you achieve a naturally vibrant & healthy-looking appearance.* Over time, the cumulative effects from sun exposure, environmental pollution, dehydration and poor dietary choices can wreck havoc on the body and its overall appearance. Taking proactive measures with Longer Stronger Hair & Nails to counter these damaging effects can not only improve the way you look, but also enhance the way you feel.* It's never too late to restore that youthful vitality!* Longer Stronger Hair and Nails has a unique blend of natural botanicals & scientifically researched ingredients that nourish the body, rejuvenate the skin and support the growth and maintenance of healthy hair & nails.


  • Horsetail extract provides a wide spectrum of minerals - including a full 14 mg of Silica for structural support of hair and nails
  • Biotin scientifically researched to improve the strength and luster of brittle nails
  • Collagen a building block for connective tissue that provides elasticity and strength
  • "# Gotu Kola long used in India for its wondrous effects on hair, nails and skin.* # Vitamins A, C & E plus Calcium & Zinc provide nutritive and antioxidant support for improved cellular integrity"
  • Evening Primrose Oil supplies GLA Omega-6 fatty acids

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